Strong Tremors Felt In North India After 6.4 Magnitude Quake Hits Nepal – NDTV

This is the most recent in a string of quakes that have shaken the Delhi-NCR region.
People in northern India, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, fled their homes in fear late Friday after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Nepal. High-rise residents fled to the streets as the tremors lasted for over a minute.
At least 140 people were killed in a 6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck a remote region of Nepal late Friday. According to officials, the death count is expected to rise. 
“I was lying on the bed and the bed started shaking. I called my sister who was sleeping next to me…when we went to the balcony, there was a lot of noise coming from outside…” said Arti, a resident of Delhi, as quoted by news agency ANI.

“I was watching TV and felt like a little dizzy all of a sudden…then I saw on the TV about an earthquake and suddenly I came out of my home” said Tushar, a resident of Noida.
Friday’s earthquake was the most recent in a string of quakes that have shaken the Delhi-NCR region. The tremors were also felt in Patna, Katihar, Motihari, and several other districts in Bihar along the Indo-Nepal border.

“I was lying on bed and it started shaking and I noticed even the ceiling fan was moving so I came out of my home,” a resident of Patna said.
Nepal is nestled in a geologically active region, where the Indian and Eurasian tectonic plates collide, forming the Himalayas and making earthquakes a frequent occurrence.
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