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There has been a massive dip in incidents of violence in Jammu and Kashmir, but the highest recoveries of arms, ammunition, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and detonators in the last four years has increased concern of security forces.
According to the annual report for 2022-23 from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the ongoing militancy in Jammu and Kashmir is linked with the infiltration of terrorists from across the “International Border” as well as the “Line of Control” in the Union Territory of J&K.
The Indian Express has accessed year wise data, compiled by security forces from 2018 to May 31 this year. The data shows 131 detonators were recovered in 2018, 31 in 2019, 97 in 2020, 89 in 2021, 154 last year and nine this year. “35 IEDs were recovered in 2018, twelve in 2019, five in 2020, 16 in 2021, 39 IEDs in 2022 and fifteen till May this year,” the data stated.
A senior official of the security establishment said Jammu and Kashmir has been affected by terrorist and secessionist violence sponsored and supported from across the border for about three decades. Though they have made huge recoveries, the increasing number is a matter of concern for the state police and other security agencies as there is a possibility of arms and ammunition consignments being successfully delivered for attacks.
An official said they have recovered 275 arms in 2018, 185 in 2019, 453 in 2020, 364 in 2021, 485 in 2022 and 67 this year. “For ammunition, 11,568 were recovered in 2018, 10,497 in 2019, 20,016 in 2020, 10,201 in 2021, 15,808 in the last year and 2,868 this year,” the data stated.
From 2018 to this year, 268.4 kgs of explosives and 2,021 grenades were recovered in Jammu and Kashmir. “Five kg explosive was recovered in 2018, 53 kg in 2019, 108 kg in 2020, 72 kg in 2021, 30.4 kg in 2022 and no recovery was made this year. While 254 grenades were recovered in 2018, 287 in 2019, 589 in 2020, 412 in 2021, 390 in 2022 and 89 this year,” the data stated.
MHA data showed that 7,217 violent incidents were reported between June 2004 to May 2014 in Jammu and Kashmir. There was a 70 per cent decline from June 2014 to August this year with 2,197 incidents being reported. The number of total deaths of civilian and security forces reported stood at 2,829 between June 2004 to May 2014. There was a 69 per cent decline between June 2014 and August this year with 891 deaths being reported.
“1,769 deaths of civilians reported from June 2004 to May 2014, while 336 reported in the last nine years, which is an 81 percent decline. 1,060 deaths of security personnel reported from June 2004 to May 2014, while 555 reported till August this year – 48 percent decline,” the data stated.
According to the MHA’s report, the security situation in J&K is monitored and reviewed by the Army, Central Armed Police Forces and other agencies. MHA also monitors the security situation in tandem with the J&K and the Ministry of Defence.
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