Major with Rashtriya Rifles opens fire in Rajouri camp, injures colleagues – The Indian Express

An Army officer opened fire Thursday at his colleagues and subordinates at a camp in Dara near Thanamandi in J&K’s Rajouri district, resulting in injuries to at least three to five personnel including two officers.
The officer who opened fire, a Major posted with a Rashtriya Rifles unit in Thanamandi in the Rajouri sector, was overpowered Thursday night after firing indiscriminately for several hours from near an ammunition depot at personnel approaching him.
It was alleged that the officer, with a service record of more than 10 years, also lobbed a grenade at those trying to persuade him to surrender.
This is likely the first such incident where a Major-rank officer attacked his colleagues and subordinates.
Late Thursday night, the Nagrota-based White Knight Corps (XVI Corps), said only one officer was injured in “a likely grenade accident”.
In a post on X, the White Knight Corps said, “On 05 Oct 23 one officer was injured in a likely grenade accident at a post in Rajouri sector. Officer evacuated and stable post initial treatment. Further investigation of the incident in progress.”
Confirming the incident, an Army spokesperson declined to divulge details, saying it is an “internal matter”.
While the reasons for the incident are not known, sources said the officer had been facing “personal issues”. They said he had access to the weapons of the Army personnel in the unit.
Lt Gen Sandeep Jain, General Officer Commanding of 16 Corps, had reached the spot.
Officials told The Indian Express that the exact reason for the incident will be known after a probe. But they pointed out that officers and troops deployed for counter-terror operations face extreme stress on a daily basis.
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