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The police in the Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra have arrested two women accused of killing 5 members of their family within a span of 20 days. The women belong to the same family and as per a report by the news platform India Today, one woman named Sanghamitra was unhappy with her husband and in-laws while the other woman named Rosa took the dire step due to a property dispute within the family. Sanghamitra and Rosa used arsenic to poison the family members. Arsenic is a chemical element that is odorless, colorless, and tasteless heavy metal. 
The duo sourced the poison from Telangana as it is not detected in medical reports if mixed with water or food.
Shankar Kumbhare and his wife Vijaya fell ill on 20 September and were admitted to the hospital with symptoms like body pain. The couple’s health deteriorated due to the effects of slow poison and they died on 26 and 27 September.  
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3 more deaths in new few days 

Their daughters Komal Dahagaokar, and Ananda, and son Roshan Kumbhare were hospitalized due to the effects of slow poison. Komal Dahagaokar died on 8 October, Ananda on 14 October and Roshan Kumbhare on 15 October. The accused were successful in their plan until the medical team sensed some foul play, the India Today report said.
The administration formed four teams for investigations ranging from areas in Maharashtra to Telangana. “During the investigation, we kept a close eye on Sanghamitra, who was Shankar Kumbhare’s daughter-in-law and Roshan Kumbhare’s wife. Sanghamitra had married Roshan against her parents’ wishes. A few months back, her father died by suicide and since then, she has been upset. Further, her husband and her in-laws subjected her to frequent taunts and this was the reason she wanted to get rid of them,” an official said as per India Today.
“Rosa Ramteke was Vijaya Kumbhare’s sister-in-law. She stayed in a house nearby. She had disagreements over the sharing of the ancestral property of her husband’s parents with Shankar Kumbhare’s wife and her sisters,” the official added.
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