India justified in accusing Canada of neglect: Pankaj Saran – The Indian Express

India is justified in accusing Canada of wilful neglect of the former’s concerns about terrorists like Hardeep Singh Nijjar, said Pankaj Saran, former Deputy National Security Advisor and Convenor, NatStrat.
Saran, who was in conversation with The Indian Express’ Diplomatic Editor Shubhajit Roy during an Explained Live webinar on Tuesday, discussed the recent diplomatic row between India and Canada. The row began last month after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Parliament that it is possible the Indian government had a hand in the murder of a Khalistani separatist in Canada.
“For more than a year, we have had private conversations with the Canadians about Hardeep Singh Nijjar. (We asked the Canadians) to give him back as he is a wanted criminal… We have shared with them a list of Khalistani terrorists through the Interpol and Red Corner notices, saying these are all people living in safe sanctuary in Canada. So either you act upon them or give them back to us through the legal route. We have given you concrete documents and evidence but you’re not taking any action. So, we are completely justified in concluding that there is willful neglect of India’s concerns and that you (Canada) are providing a haven or an ecosystem that will give sanctuary to such people who then sit there and through technology, mastermind killings, shootings and chaos in India and seek asylum in a foreign land. This is unacceptable in today’s day and age by any international standard,” said Saran.
Talking about the allegations of PM Trudeau, Saran said, “India interfering in someone else’s affairs is quite absurd because it is India, which is the victim out here. We find foreign nationals, in this case, Canadian nationals are busily interfering, which is a mild word, in India’s internal affairs. They are masterminding and plotting gang wars. These drug-related syndicates and the killing of Sidhu Moosewala last year in Punjab didn’t happen through benign actions. These were actions intended to sow chaos in India and any government in India, whether it is the current government or the previous government or any other government will have no option, but to take every step to protect in India.”
Saran added that acknowledging that there is a problem, which is affecting India, a friendly partner country, is the core issue. “If you’re a democracy, so are we, so what is preventing you from responding to our entreaties and repeated urgings to you under international law? What is it going to take for Canada to be more responsive and sensitive? I think that is the core of the issue,” he added.


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