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US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated on Thursday that Washington is in communication with Delhi regarding Canada’s accusations concerning the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Sullivan emphasized that there will be no “special exemption” for actions like these, and the United States will uphold its fundamental principles.
In response to a question about why the United States appears to be taking a different approach in addressing Russian aggression and bilateral issues with China and India, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan clarified that India is distinct from Russia and China.
He pointed out that each country presents a unique set of challenges, implying that the US deals with them based on their specific circumstances and considerations.
During a White House press briefing, Jake Sullivan reiterated the United States’ significant concern regarding Canada’s allegations. He emphasized that the US is committed to supporting the investigation and is eager to see those responsible for the alleged actions brought to justice.
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When questioned about whether President Joe Biden planned to have a conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the issue and whether it might strain India-US relations, Jake Sullivan declined to delve into private diplomatic discussions.
However, he mentioned that the matter had been addressed at the highest levels.
“It is a matter of concern for us. It is something we take seriously. It’s something we will keep working on, and we will do that regardless of the country. There is not some special exemption you get for actions like this. Regardless of the country, we will stand up and defend our basic principles. And we will also consult closely with allies like Canada as they pursue their law enforcement and diplomatic process,” Sullivan said.
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Sullivan further stressed, “Where we have concerns with India, whether it comes to issues related to the very watchlist that you are describing or otherwise, we make those concerns clear. And we defend US interests, as we do with every country in the world.”
Sullivan, however, added, “Now, India is not Russia, and China has its own set of challenges that we deal with in its own context. So, of course, there is going to be differences in how we deal with countries one by one. But the North Star of this administration is: If you represent a threat to the American people’s security, prosperity, or basic sense of fairness, we will take action to defend that. I think our record on that — across multiple countries, including the ones you have mentioned — is quite clear over the last two and a half years.”
On Tuesday, India reciprocally expelled a senior Canadian diplomat following Canada’s expulsion of a senior Indian diplomat in response to allegations implicating New Delhi in the killing of Nijjar. India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) stated that the Canadian diplomat had been instructed to depart India within the next five days.
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