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The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has filed multiple complaints with the International Cricket Council (ICC) after the India-Pakistan face-off at the ICC World Cup 2023. The grievances pertain to alleged “inappropriate behaviour” from the crowd and various visa issues concerning Pakistani journalists and fans.
On October 14, a crowd of over 100,000 witnessed India winning against Pakistan by 7 wickets at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium. The Indian team extended their unbeaten World Cup record against Pakistan to 8-0. The atmosphere, however, was less than congenial.
Videos went viral on social media platforms showing Pakistan’s cricketers being subject to religious-centric taunts, according to the Associated Press. The PCB wasted no time, swiftly lodging a formal complaint with the ICC.

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Moreover, the PCB has voiced discontent over the delays in visa allotments for Pakistani journalists wishing to cover the World Cup. Only a small number of reporters from Pakistan made it to Ahmedabad, leading to limited coverage of the tournament back in Pakistan.
“The PCB is extremely disappointed to see that journalists from Pakistan and fans are still facing uncertainty about obtaining an Indian visa to cover Pakistan games in ICC World Cup 2023,” ESPNcricinfo quoted the board as saying in an earlier statement.
This situation prompted another complaint from the PCB, regarding the absence of a clear visa policy for Pakistani fans wishing to attend the games in India.

Complaint against India: What PCB says

“The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has lodged another formal protest with the ICC over delays in visas for Pakistani journalists and the absence of a visa policy for Pakistan fans for the ongoing World Cup 2023,” the PCB tweeted. “The PCB has also filed a complaint regarding inappropriate conduct targeted at the Pakistan squad during the India vs Pakistan match held on 14 October 2023.”
The tension surrounding the World Cup extends beyond the field. High-ranking PCB officials are actively seeking diplomatic channels to address the concerns. PCB chief Zaka Ashraf had discussions with Pakistan’s foreign secretary, requesting him to liaise with India’s Home Ministry over these matters, ANI reported.
(With agency inputs)
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