ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 final: 10 features that to make your viewing experience on phones, TVs better – Gadgets Now

Gadgets Now Bureau18 Nov, 2023, 07:26AM IST
Disney+ Hotstar has partnered with MaxView to enable vertical streaming, providing users with a one-handed viewing experience. Enabling MaxView transforms the stream in portrait mode that makes it easier for users to hold the phone and watch the matches.
Disney+ Hotstar has a dedicated Live feed tab and a Scoreboard tab in vertical viewing mode. They provide regular updates and additional details about the match.

Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Disney+ Hotstar app. The OTT platform has further improved data consumption optimisation for video delivery, reducing data usage.

For situations where you can’t watch the match, Disney+ Hotstar has a new Always-on scoreboard pill. This pill sticks on top of the device you are working on to keep you updated with the latest scores all the time. Also, the pill allows users to jump right into the action with a single tap.

Users on Disney+ Hotstar have the flexibility to switch between various camera angles. They can opt for the standard bird’s-eye view or experience the game from the perspective of the batsman’s end.

Enhance your insight into the field with the newly introduced Live Feed tab. Users can now enjoy an enriched cricket commentator experience, providing a deeper understanding of the game through seamlessly integrated contextual information, including player statistics and real-time match updates.

Apart from all these advanced features, Disney+ Hotstar also has some basic yet useful features like language options for commentary.

If you are watching the match on Star Sports via any of the DTH service providers, then there’s the option to switch languages as well.

Several DTH service providers also offer users the option to view the match in interactive mode. This lets them switch to different camera angles, check highlights and more.

Many DTH set-top boxes include the functionality to play and pause live cricket matches. If your DTH box is equipped with a recording feature, you can leverage it to pause an ongoing match, allowing for breaks, snack breaks, and more.


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