Hinduism not way of worship but dharma: Bhagwat in J&K – The Indian Express

Giving a call to maintain unity and harmony, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat Sunday said that Dharma unites all and uplifts them. He was addressing RSS workers at the sports stadium in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir.
“Hinduism is not a way of worship but a Dharma. The one who not only tolerates, but accepts and respects all ways of worship and customs is a Hindu,” he said, adding, “This is the ideology of Bharat since centuries. Dharma does not take the extreme path, but the middle one’’.
Alluding to various experiments over the last 2,000 years across the world to ensure that mankind can lead a prosperous and happy life, Bhagwat said that pursuing those did not end its woes.
“With the Russia-Ukraine war under way, conflict in Israel has started,” he said, adding that comforts are also creating problems with many fearing that the world of tomorrow might be run by machines.
“In such a scenario,” he said, “the world feels only Bharat can show them the way because its people, despite their differences in religions, castes and regions, have lived in harmony for 3,000 years.”
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