CBI books former top executive of NBEMS over irregularities – Hindustan Times

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The CBI has booked Bipin Batra for allegedly illegally occupying the post of Additional Director of National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), which establishes standards for post-graduate examinations in modern medicines in the country, officials said.
They said the action was initiated on a complaint from NBEMS which alleged that Batra, within a short span of seven years, managed to illegally rise and occupy the top post despite being ineligible for initial appointment and successive elevation.
“There is no gainsaying that this situation could not have been brought about without rampant misuse of powers by several persons within NBEMS which has caused severe loss to and prejudice to the organisation and its credibility,” it said.
The complaint alleged that a substantial portion of records of NBEMS are “surprisingly” missing and “quite clearly have been removed”.
“In an inquiry held in this regard, it has been found that Dr Bipin Batra is guilty of en-masse removal of official records from the NBEMS. Apart from the aforesaid, Dr Bipin Batra has also been found guilty of various charges in the said inquiry pursuant to which his services were terminated vide order dated August 23, 2019,” it said.
In the inquiry, out of the 15 charges against Batra, who had joined NBEMS in 2005, 10 were proven and three were partially proven, it said.


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